The largest donation ever made to performing arts schools in Cuba

MFFC news | credit: by Natasha Hickman on: Friday, 22 November 2019

In November 2019 we were honoured to receive a visit from Apidio Alonso Grau, the Cuban Minister of Culture who presented a wonderful letter of thanks addressed to everyone involved in the Play for Cuba appeal.

Dear Rob Miller,

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cuba wishes to express its grateful thanks to the NEU, CWU, RMT, the Royal Ballet, the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and the Music Fund for Cuba, as well as to all the other people in the UK who contributed to the donation that we received recently of musical instruments, dance and ballet costumes and other important equipment needed for teaching the performing arts.

Together, the ‘Play for Cuba’ project has managed to provide more than 8,800 items for performing arts schools in Cuba. Students at all levels will benefit from this equipment which, we believe, includes the largest donation of musical instruments ever received by our ministry.

This contribution supports the efforts made by the Cuban state to ensure that our schools of performing arts continue to function well. This kind of specialised education is one of the most expensive to run, but because of the blockade we find ourselves unable to obtain the necessary resources and cannot access high-quality materials. However, our schools continue to produce young artists whose expertise is recognised at an international level, thanks to their education which has been supported by the Cuban Revolution, its educational institutions and the aspirations of teachers, other artists, the students themselves and their parents.

This important donation will considerably increase our ability to provide materials for the coming academic year, 2020-21 which in turn will enhance the development of teaching and learning in our schools of performing arts.

We express our sincere thanks to all those connected in any way with this generous gift. While writing, we also wish to express our appreciation for the work of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign in the UK.

We know that, for many years, it has been a strong and steadfast supporter of the Cuban people and that it is one of the main reasons why more British people are visiting the island to discover it for themselves and to learn about our cultural identity.

We also wish to commend the work you do as director of the Music Fund for Cuba which, for many years has organised ways of supporting arts education and the creative talent of our young people as well as contributing to major arts projects, such as the renovation of the Cine Teatro Miramar.

We greatly value and are sincerely grateful for all this work in support of Cuba, its people and culture, not only because of what we receive in terms of material resources, but also because it reflects the spirit of solidarity held by our many British friends who, especially on this occasion, have worked so hard to launch this campaign throughout your country. Your achievement has been the largest donation ever made to schools of performing arts in Cuba.

Many thanks to all those who took part.

Fraternal greetings,
Alpidio Alonso Grau

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