What we do

The Music Fund for Cuba is a UK charity which supports education and development of music and performing arts in Cuba.

Working with Cuba's music and arts schools the Music Fund for Cuba aims to help nurture new talent by providing much needed support and equipment for children and young musicians, dancers and artists throughout the island that may otherwise be denied.

The Fund was established in 2001 in memory of singer Kirsty MacColl who was inspired by Cuban music in her last album and loved the island its culture and it's people.

Cuba is renowned for its cultural traditions. Its music arts and dance are enjoyed by people around the world. Budding artistic talent is nurtured and encouraged within the country's free music and arts school which are open to all.

Sadly this heritage and the development of future talent are hindered by a lack of access to basic equipment and materials that we in richer countries often take for granted.

Violin strings, ballet shoes, reeds for woodwind instruments, paper for music scores and other small but essential items are in short supply. One of the main reasons for these shortages is the continuing economic blockade of the island by the United States.

The Music Fund for Cuba provides much needed support and equipment for children and young Cuban musicians, dancer and artists throughout the island.

Working with our partner organisation in Cuba, the National Centre for Music and Arts Schools (CNEArt), we have already provided thousands of pounds worth of equipment including reeds, instruments, ballet shoes and teaching manuals for Cuban schools and performing artists. In 2012, after many years of fundraising and work we completed our biggest project to date, the restoration of the Miramar Theatre in Havana.

By supporting us you can help to keep alive Cuba's rich cultural heritage and nurture a new generation of talent.

Your support could make a world of difference to young Cuban musicians, dancers and artists.

Please make a donation today.